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Making meaningful connections is a core value for The Belknap Foodshed and the biggest, most meaningful connection  is connecting our community with local food producers.  We’ve created SHOP OUR LOCAL TABLE a weekly market where you can order from an amazing selection of local food and pick up your order in Meredith every Friday!

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working to Preserve    ag land


Future plans for the Belknap Foodshed include supplementing the current efforts to aggregate and distribute local food products state-wide.  In addition to distribution off-site, farmers and food companies will have the opportunity to access a retail market at The Belknap Foodshed, as well as having their foods featured in the on-site restaurants and used for on-site events.  Training for new farmers on how to sell wholesale will expand market reach and increase collective profitability.  Learn more here!

supporting local businesses


The Belknap Foodshed will foster business growth, job creation, economic diversity and enhance a sustainable food system.  How?  By providing access to the equipment, training and resources needed to grow your business and achieve success!  Integral to the success of the Belknap Foodshed will be business development opportunities, small plot intensive farming (SPIN), greenhouse operations, educational and training programs, potential market access and space to host on-site events.











5 Winona Road, Meredith, NH 03253